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  • Tips to get started with mitmproxy

    In my previous post, I focused on steps to install mitmproxy and set up your target device. Now that you are all set, here are a few tips to help you getting quickly confortable with this tool.
  • How to inspect network traffic using mitmproxy

    A quick introduction to install mitmproxy and set up the device you would like to inspect. By the end of this tutorial you should be able to see HTTPS requests from any iOS, Android or tvOS device.
  • Amazing tools for organization and apps development

    Using the right tool for the right purpose is crucial. Here are several apps I use in my everyday work life, I hope some of them can help you too.
  • Everything starts here

    We all have to start somewhere, right ? So this is where Bad Gateway starts. No technical stuff here but just a simple (and basic) introduction.

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